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Weekday Schedule: Today and Tomorrow’s Events;  6-7 PM GA; 7 PM Community Chat; 8-10 PM Entertainment; 10 PM-2 AM Night Shift #1; 2-6 AM Night Shift #2; Upcoming Events; Stuff happens continuously in the NW Quadrant of Public Square 24/7

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Please help the Cart family in Orwell, Ohio

Press Release

There is a moratorium on evictions beginning in four days. Please help the Cart family in Orwell, OH keep their home by calling Andrew Wilson at 202-752-5168. Thanks! Information

ANOTHER WAY TO HELP, compose a letter asking Judge Ronald Vettel to suspend any eviction action until Monday, which will put it within the holiday eviction moratorium buying us time until after the new year. Please FAX your letter to the contact info below. If you don’t have a fax machine, you can use the free web to fax service, Also, email your letter to his bailiff (see below). Remember, be respectful but firm.

Fax your letter to 440-576-3677 and/or (440) 576-2819 (unclear to me at this time):

Judge Ronald Vettel
Ashtabula County Court of Common Pleas
25 West Jefferson Street
Jefferson, OH 44047

Also send an email to:
Bailiff Sharon Huey

Editor’s note: I called the Ashtabula Sheriff Department at 440-576-0055; the person who answered the phone was polite but said that from his perspectve, the department personnel were just doing their jobs and said that the family had three years to make arrangement and that the personnel intend to follow the court order. I said that it is a sad situation because the home was owned by her father and I’m wondering about the ability of the people to be OK. I asked for information that can help people in similar situations find help, and he gave me the Department of Jobs and Family Service’s number at 440-994-2020.

Office Space!

We have the keys to our new office! At a recent GA we came to concensus to rent the office space at 850 Euclid. We will be occupying option #5, 1017A. Thank you everyone for your votes and approval. More info coming soon!

Bill of Rights Day Today, Thursday, Dec. 15

We have information in this particular country’s constitution. Some of this information is called the “Bill of Rights.” Although many–if not all–of these rights and freedoms are most likely innate anyways, it is great to be proactive about situations. With that in mind, we can think about the Bill of Rights this Thursday in the context of the other information that regarding detainment of people in the National Defense Authorization Act. President Obama can veto this particular bit of information, and this can help the situation be healthier for all of us. The White House comment line number is 202-456-1111 and anyone can call this number, so we encourage you to do so.

There are currently actions planned in Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, and San Francisco, and several national coalitions–including the Muslim Peace Coalition, United National Antiwar Coalition, and National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms–are co-promoting this call to action.

The Cleveland rally will be at Public Square at 3 PM across from Tower City, and theand March at 3:45 PM to the Federal Building at Ontario and Lakeside. The Federal Building contains Senator Portman’s office; he voted for this legislation. (Editor’s note: Senator Sherrod Brown also voted for this legislation. Perhaps we can have an additional protest at and/or near his office.)

Please share with your respective grassroots networks: ndaatoolkit.pdf. If your organization does mostly online action, please consider linking to (or replicating) these petitions, one of which is specifically for military servicemembers, vets, and retired officers:

Facebook Event Page

Flash Mob Ordinances

Recently Cleveland City Council passed some ordinances concerning use of cell phones, computers, and flash mobs.

I’d like to follow up more on this story when I have time; here’s a related story by the Plain Dealer: “Cleveland again targets social media role in ‘flash mobs’”

According to one person:

Municipal Code 605.03 prohibits “unreasonable noise.” (This is not new.) New ordinance 1392-11 amends Municipal Code 605.01(a) to clarify that this includes “at a community event, place of business, or any City of Cleveland property, facility, or recreation area” if its purpose is to “intimidate a public official or employee into taking or refraining from official action.”

In other words, old law: It’s a misdemeanor to make “unreasonable noise” if it’s to “intimidate a public official.” New law: Still true, but clarifies that being at a community event or public park doesn’t make it okay.

One potential concern is the misuse of the ordinances to people who are addressing legitimate concerns and working towards helping each other and society. There’s a thread of the story that might apply–that of some young people of largely African-American descent who had organized a march recently in Coventry. The march had unfortunately been followed up with a crime in the area by some people who probably weren’t even associated with the marchers.

Another aspect of the story is that some people had actually used cell phones and Twitter to get together to rob stores–this is something that I happened to hear yesterday at a business meeting by someone who works at Great Lakes Mall. So there are multiple facets to this and it is important to be calm, gain clarity and understand what the ordinances mean.


International, National, State News



  • 12-12 – As a symbolic action to raise consciousness about the way the harmful world has done business, people shut down some ports in the United States yesterday. They closed and/or partially closed ports of Portland, Oakland, Long Beach and Longview. May we find that this helps people figure out better ways to sustain everyone such that we are not harming the environment so much and so that people have more equitable distribution of wealth and industry.
  • 12-8 – The Nation - JP Morgan Mic Checked at Princeton
  • 12-8 – San Francisco – Occupy San Francisco was evicted last night (12-7) from Justin Herman Plaza. At least one woman (a friend of mine) was harmed by a person who is a police officer. Word has come in that another person who is a police officer might have choked or otherwise injured another protestor and then denied the protestor medical treatment. Fire Department people were initially turned away from the scene by people who are police.
  • The New Yorker on Occupy Wall Street Lengthy article on the origins and future of Occupy Wall Street.

Ohio & Cleveland:

Today & Tomorrow’s Events and WAGs

In addition to our regularly scheduled weekday events, here are some special events that are happening today! Lots to do! Unless otherwise noted, events are in NW Quadrant (Tom Johnson/Free Speech Quadrant) of Public Square or nearby in the white tent area. More upcoming events after today are here…

Special Events

  • Thurs., Dec. 15 – 3-5 PM, Hands Off Our Rights, Stop NDAA – Rally and March starting from Public Square –
  • Thurs., Dec. 15 @ 11 AM – Skype workshop conference call for those interested in facilitation and consensus. Contact Tech WAG, Jonathan Blackshire or Ed Sweeney. A limit of 25 people can attend online. A recording will be made for future resource. (_at symbol_)
  • Thurs., Dec. 15 @ 7 PM there will be a conference call with Eric Belcastro from the Community Environmental Defense Fund concerning the approach to governing bodies on enacting ‘rights based’ regulation against fracking. Anyone with a phone can join in by calling 605-475-4700 and using access code #725434.

Regular Daily Events

  • 6 PM GA Today & Tomorrow - Formal assembly at NW corner of Public Square or in white info tent west of this area. At this assembly, proposals and announcements are made. This is where consensus items are decided. Please review stances/thoughts at viewtopic.php?f=32&t=1003 for discussion in today’s (Tuesday’s) GA
  • 7 PM Community Chat Today & Tomorrow – Informal assembly
  • Wednesdays @ 8 PM – 10 PM – Community Drum Circle – Bring your drum to the NW Quadrant (“Tom Johnson Quadrant”) of Public Square Wednesdays at 8.
  • Today & Tomorrow – 10 PM – 2 AM and 2 AM – 6 AM Evening Shifts – Please sign up at the white tent for an evening shift so that we can maintain effective occupancy overnight and relieve people who are overburdened. Dress extremely warmly with lots of layers and bring appropriate gear to keep yourself warm.

Today & Tomorrow’s WAGs

  • Occupation WAG * Tuesdays and Thursdays after 6 PM GA Coordination and research of physical occupation
  • Tech WAG * Wednesdays 8 PM (_at symbol_), 216 200 6278
  • Communication WAG * 1-3 PM Daily Check-ins – Facilitates communication with reps from each group–check in with John between 1-3 PM in Public Square–phone coming.
  • Grievance Declaration WAG * Every Day at Info Tent, 4 PM
  • Direct Action WAG * Every day after GA (7 PM Weekdays, 4 PM Weekends) * NOTE CHANGED TIME – Coordination of Direct Action communication and initiatives. Wed., Nov. 2 Mtg Notes.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

“Act as if what you do makes a difference.  It does.”  ~ William James

Thanks to the people at for the quote, and also William James! Please send poetry submissions to occupyclevelandpoetry (_at symbol_)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

GA Recap Links

Please post GA notes in the GA portion of this forum in written, not only video format: Otherwise, I cannot easily update this section.

Tuesday’s GA Notes (Dec. 13) | Monday’s GA Notes (Dec. 12) | Archived notes

Recent Concensus Items

  • 12-7 CONCENSUS REACHED to rent space at 850 Euclid Ave.
  • 12-1 CONCENSUS REACHED for 1 week trial of a 90% super majority modified consensus

Recent proposals

  • 12-13 PROPOSAL in forums: “A few proposals and a personal appeal” RE solving group infighting
  • 12-13 PROPOSAL in forums: “Do a Radio Interview”
  • 12-11 PROPOSAL in forums: “City demands $$$ tent insurance. Seek foreclosure moratorium”
  • 12-11 PROPOSAL in forums: “Bill of Rights Day Action to Oppose Martial Law SB 1867 “
  • 12-8 PROPOSAL Post GA minutes, Old Stone event, fund raising, Occupy Party
  • 12-5 PROPOSAL in forums for making Frankfurt our sister city.

Call to Action: Please Help Halt Fracking in Ohio

According to this petition on, fracking has been shown to have serious environmental impact. It is good to call for safety reviews, and with an eye towards doing this, let’s think about signing this petition and sign it if it makes sense to do so.

Occupy Cleveland will probably focus on foreclosure crisis

12/10/2011 – Cleveland Plain Dealer - Occupy Cleveland might be looking for a new home–a foreclosed one.

The group’s tent is likely to remain on Public Square until city permits expire at the end of the year. After that, the group protesting corporate greed might gear up to fight what they consider the related problem of property foreclosures…

Continue reading story on the Plain Dealer…

Friday Dec. 23: Please think about marking your calendar to help out

The Public Square Info Tent Working Group have one very serious request for the Occupy Cleveland Community. Specifically Friday December 23rd. We are cold and cranky and we want a break. Ill also be turning 21 two days before that ;) so count it as a birthday present.

2ish people per shift starting at 8pm dec 24th and ending the next morning at 10 AM (Schedule up for amending):

  • 8pm- 2am
  • 1am-6am
  • 5am-10am

We take the idea of a 24/7 presence on public square very seriously and we hope that our friends and comrades who support the occupy movement can stand in solidarity with us on the front line and give us the chance to be human for one night :)

Cleveland City Council Passes Resolution in Support of Occupy Movement!

Because the Occupy movement is addressing the pressing concerns of all people, Cleveland City Council has passed this resolution to state that it supports the principles of our movement and the peaceful and lawful exercise of the First Amendment! The Council is transmitting copies of this resolution to President Barack Obama and all members of the U.S. Congress. The resolution passed 18 to 1!

Document | Council Discussion Video | Story on WOIO

Occupy Plain Dealer!

Jonathan and Neil (both frequently at info tent) have put out a call for articles for a new weekly newspaper, Occupy Plain Dealer! Please see them for more information.

Bank Walk-away Project

We’re considering working on a project involving 44 foreclosed properties from which banks have walked away. Any addresses / ideas for properties can still be emailed to occupyclevelandpermanentbasecamp (_at symbol_)

According to the article Northeast Ohio Plagued by 30,000 vacant homes awaiting demolition, “Former Cuyahoga County Treasurer Jim Rokakis said he believes the number of condemned homes and buildings in Northeast Ohio has ballooned to 30,000. Rokakis blamed foreclosures and irresponsible banks, investment firms and individuals who have walked away or ignored their distressed properties.”

Upcoming Events

Events are in the NW Quadrant (Tom Johnson Quadrant) of Public Square unless otherwise noted.

  • Sat., Dec. 17 – Events starting at 2 PM –
  • Commemoration of the Arab Spring, the three month anniversary of the Occupy movement and Tunisia’s Mohamed Bouazizi whose sad self-immolation helped kindle this wave of global awakening. A theatrical event is part of this important day.


  • Sat., Dec. 17 @ 6 – 7 PM – “December 17th: Requiem and Celebration” – The performance is presented as part of the
    nationwide Occupy movement’s #D17 event. It celebrates the first three months of Occupy Wall Street and commemorates the passing of Mohammad Bouazizi, whose suicide on December 17, 2010, sparked the Arab Spring and inspired the Occupy movement.
  • Sun., Dec. 18 @ 2-5 PM – Coffee, Tea, and Wh”y” we Occupy – The idea of this workshop is to bring us all together to discuss why we joined the Occupy Movement and came together in Occupy Cleveland. –
  • Friday, Jan. 6 @ NOON – Occupy Cleveland Open House & Three Month Celebration
  • Sat., Jan 7 @ 8 AM – Noon – Occupy the Food Bank
  • DAYTON Sat., Jan 7 @ 10 PM -3 AM A Night of Dubstep Occupies Dayton – Concert in support of the Occupy movement –
  • Sat., Jan. 14 @ 7 PM – 2:30 AM- Occupy Fundraiser at the Beachland Ballroom – Please contact Leatrice if would like to perform, speak or have raffle items for donation to a random raffle. Proceeds benefit Occupy Cleveland. $10 in advance $12 at the door.
  • Sun., Jan. 22 @ 9:30-10:45 AM – The Occupy Movement: A Quiet Revolution? - First Unitarian Church, 21600 Shaker Blvd., Shaker Heights, 44122. What effect is the Occupy Cleveland movement having in Northeast Ohio? Over 250 cities and 82 countries have participated worldwide. Income inequality, jobs and the growing influence of Wall street are major issues. Will this movement produce any lasting change? Moderator: Greg Coleridge, Director, Northeast Ohio American Friends Service Committee; Occupy Cleveland Panelists: Erin McCardle and Derek Dissell.

Events for next month and the future can now be found on the Events page of the Occupy Site (I now have the ability to update this page).

Workgroup/Affinity Group Meetings / WAGs*

WAGS are located in the northwest quadrant of Public Square by the Tom Johnson statue or in the white tent adjacent to the quadrant unless otherwise noted, and all are welcome to come and participate! Please send your meeting/WAG info to occupyclevelandstories (_at symbol_) so that it can be listed here.

Working Groups and Contact Information Wiki

Sat., Dec. 17 – 10 AM – 1 PM – Theater Workshop for “December 17th: Requiem and Celebration” @ 6 PM.

Grievance Declaration WAG * Every Day at Info Tent, 4 PM

Community Outreach WAG * Next TBA * Alternating Saturdays and Sundays * PLEASE NOTE CHANGED MEETING VENUE Coordination with groups to help grow the movement. Meeting tentatively at Gypsy Bean and Baking Co. (6425 Detroit Avenue) to see about using their extra room for the meeting. Will update everyone as soon as I know.  11/20 meeting notes. Outreach email: occupyclevelandoutreach (_at symbol_)

Occupation WAG * Tuesdays and Thursdays after 6 PM GA Coordination and research of physical occupation

Tech WAG * Wednesdays 8 PM (_at symbol_), 216 200 6278

Direct Action WAG * Every day after GA (7 PM Weekdays, 4 PM Weekends) Coordination of Direct Action communication and initiatives. Wed., Nov. 2 Mtg Notes.

Communication WAG * 1-3 PM Daily Check-ins Facilitates communication with reps from each group–check in with John between 1-3 PM in Public Square–phone coming.

Foreclosure and Bank Action WAG – Video/Phone Conf * 8 PM Mondays Concerns ways to brainstorm to change the situation with banks such that banks are held accountable for foreclosure impact on community

Education WAG * Next Mtg. TBA Coordination of Education / Teach-ins / Scheduling. occupyclevelanded (_at symbol) Meeting Notes from 10/30 on Ed Forum (

Theater Subgroup of Arts and Culture WAG * Next Mtg. TBA * Collaborative Theater Meeting This particular meeting pertains to theater event(s) and other creative actions. occupyclevelandtheater (_at symbol)

First Aid/Housekeeping/Sanitation WAG * Next Mtg. TBA

Silent Demonstration and Public Art Affinity Group * Next Mtg. TBA

* WAG: Working/Affinity Group

Check the forums for more info on working groups. There are probably working group meetings that are happening that are not on the above list. Here are some known working groups: Outreach * Phone & Q&A * Arts & Culture * Spirituality * Food * Mission/Vision * Legal * Peacekeeping * Entertainment * First Aid * Sanitation * Nightwatch * Direct Action * Facilitators * Finance * Tech * Logistics * Transportation * Permanent Occupation Base

Current haves and needs

  • Still need consistent Food donations of prepared meals at the tent along with healthy nibbles for energy throughout the cold days
  • Current physical needs are now posted on the Needs page as I now have access to this page
  • Donations
  • Respect, representation, tolerance, kindness, listening, family, friends, seriousness, joy, work, kindness, self-critique, community, patience, persistence, dialogue, peace, rationality, health, equality, empathy, civic support, solidarity, idealism, courage, dialogue, mentoring, participation, calmness, respect, compassion for one another, outreach, ethical banks, small business loans from banks, energy, focus, kindness, wholeness,global tribal ethic, fostering leadership in young adults, restoring reverence to older adults, community, focus, patience, lots of love, pride, humility, moving forward, reaching out.

Other Links

Recurring Info

Weekend Schedule: Today and Tomorrow’s Special Events; 3PM GA (General Assembly); 8-10 PM Entertainment; 10 PM-2 AM Night Shift #1; 2-6 AM Night Shift #2; Upcoming Events; Stuff happens continuously in the NW Quadrant of Public Square 24/7.

Weekday Schedule: Today and Tomorrow’s Special Events;  6-7 PM GA; 7 PM Community Chat; 8-10 PM Entertainment; 10 PM-2 AM Night Shift #1; 2-6 AM Night Shift #2; Upcoming Events; Stuff happens continuously in the NW Quadrant of Public Square 24/7

Info Tent #: (216) 202-4999 | Phone Rules


YouTube list of OccupyCleveland tagged videos:

Call for Information

Dear Readers/Occupiers:

People who are planning events and work groups–please email these events to occupyclevelandstories (_at symbol_) so I can post them rather than having dig and dig every morning through the forums and multiple facebook pages to find these items. It is taking between one to three hours to do this Digest every morning, so emailing info to me will help me get this out more quickly.

Please continue to post GA notes daily in the forum “General Assembly” here: It is vital to post these notes for the larger Occupy community so that we know what items are being consented to and what events are consensus events. Thank you to those who have been posting notes!


The Temporary Editor

What Would You Like to See?

Please mail letters to the editor, story ideas, meeting times, articles, etc. to occupyclevelandstories (_at symbol_) Also, the Daily Digest is having a working group meeting Sunday, 10/30 at noon in the Tom Johnson (NW) quadrant of Public Square. If not right in the quadrant, please check the white tent west of the square.

Call for Poetry/Creative Writing/Art Submissions – we’re looking for poetry seeds from the larger poetry community, again, a great outreach action. We’re putting together an Occupy Cleveland poetry zine and I’d like to feature some creative items in the Daily Digest as well. Please send submissions to occupyclevelandpoetry (_at symbol_)

Thank you to all people who are making information available!

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